iTunes crashing and corrupting iPod

2 Jul 2010 - 22:30 UTC.

I have found that if you have an over zealous anti-virus which locks files while scanning (Kaspersky) and it scans the iPod when it is plugged in, you may find iTunes crashes out with a fatal exception in itunes.dll and you have an iPod that repeatedly resets itself when connected to a PC.

To solve the problem you need to either add an exclusion to your anti-virus for the drive letter of the iPod, or if your Anti Virus product doesn't support that specify the drives it can scan.

As for the iPod, you'll need to follow instructions on how to get the iPod into disk mode. Keep it unplugged while you start iTunes, plug it in and follow the on screen recovery instructions.

An iTunes fix which checks to see if a file is locked, and\ or uses exclusive locks to prevent the Anti Virus scanner interfering may be of some use!

Alternatively an Anti Virus product that recognises an iPod device id and doesn't aggresively scan it wouldn't go amiss...



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