Data Manager Library now available on NuGet

22 Jan 2012 - 22:00 UTC.

Today I've started pushing NuGet packages for the Data Manager library. This is in line with opening up some of the code I've produced since 1999.

Data Manager is aimed at producing model classes, which can then be used with an ORM tool, or be used with a provider model or use with bulk import\ export tools such as those in the TPL Helper library, which will released onto NuGet in the next few days. Data Manager wasn't aimed at competing with ORM tools such as NHibernate, SubSonic, or Entity Framework. In fact it was first developed in 2003 to get around irritations in reproducing DTS packages, and grew into producing SQL for complex queries.

Currently the Data Manager library is versioned at pre-V1. It will remain like that until I have exported all the code from the C++\ Managed C++ versions either into this library or into TPL Helper. The reason for releasing it in its current state is other projects depend on it in its current state, and NuGet is a common sense way to handle the package version and erradicate versioning problems.

The project page is available on Codeplex. The documentation is currently sparse, but will be updated as I get the chance.



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