WSUS Smart Approve V1.0.0.5 released

28 Jan 2012 - 11:00 UTC.

I've released a new version of WSUS Smart Approve after an issue was reported with the way the config file is processed. As I stated to the person who reported both the problems this week, I would rather have the tool working properly than have people not using the tool because of problems with it.

I've changed the way I check for the optional sections in the config file, which should now eradicate the problem. I've also increased the amount of output to the console to give more information on what the program is doing.

On top of the bug fix, I also took feedback on a usage case where people want to approve updates for a series of test machines, but then unapprove them. The problem with this is Smart Approve will reapprove them if they are listed as needed. What I've done is to ensure declined updates are ignored, and I will continue to look into whether I can track the history of an update to see if I can work out if it has been unapproved. For now the best way is to decline updates.

As always the latest release is available on Codeplex.



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