New Open Source Project: AppReliance

15 Sep 2013 - 17:41 UTC.

Today I've placed a new open source project on Codeplex and Github called AppReliance. This is a tool to check that all the dependencies for a .NET assembly can be resolved.

Over my time of working on Visual Studio projects, we occasionally go through phases where we come unstuck where a new feature will have a reference that is either implicit through another project, or is placed in the GAC on developer machines and on the build server. Sometimes the advice for files located in the GAC is that they shouldn't be in there, but some of these are developer libraries that are installed as part of a toolset in order to be used in Visual Studio, yet still need to to deployed to the client machine but lack a redistributable.

Sometimes this issue will be picked up during the UAT phase, but unfortunately there is the occasional slip where the product gets released to a pilot group. This is frustrating for all involved, hence this simple tool has been put together. It is aimed to allow developers to check what they are bundling into an installer before it goes to be tested. This can be done manually, as part of the post build event on a project, or as part of CI build script. The toolset is also intended to be availble to testers so they have confidence in what they are installing, and in turn give the business confidence in the processes taking place to deliver projects.

At this point the tool is somewhat simple, but will expand to output reports and to have a GUI as well as the console application.



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