My Résumé


10/2017 - Ongoing

Integrated Care 24

Senior Developer \ Analyst

Manager of development team responsible for the systems used in the provision of 111 and Out of Hours healthcare. The role requires development in C# along with understanding the implementation of existing systems that are written in Java and Lotus Script.

07/2012 - 10/2017


Senior Software Engineer \ Systems Architect, Contact Centre Technologies

Lead developer in a team that is responsible for the in-house CRM and DMS platforms, along with integrations into the CTI system and Customer web sites. The role requires maintenance of code in VB.NET, with newer development mostly carried out in C#. I lead and shape the projects we work on whilst also being involved in mentoring, team training and recruitment.

My work is carried out across the business group in core infrastructure projects as required, this has seen me carry out work for the insurance services, claims, holidays, legal services, finance, marketing and group level functions of the business.

I work cross team as part of the system architects’ forum to get general agreement on technologies and approaches to solutions. I also help identify risks that threaten the high availability of our platform and thus help shape improvements.

  • Produced new Web API based services for the CRM system to allow the Customer facing websites to integrate Behavioural Targeting and for the contact centre to utilise Intelligent Call Routing. This is opening up new opportunities for marketing whilst allowing a 15 % improvement in call routing without the need for input from the customer.
  • Quantified and designed Document Production System that encompasses the Smart Communications (formerly Thunderhead Now) platform and provides safeguards for the existing document production practices that allows quarantining of documents for inspection. This reduces the risk of the customer receiving an email or letter with incorrect details due to an issue with a transaction system update or document template change.
  • Technical lead on tender process for PCI compliant payment system. Evaluated both in house and external solutions by producing prototypes and working with 3rd parties in line with the requirements gathered.
  • Delivered integrations with new Call Recording and Speech analytics platforms whilst producing automated processes for user management. Also improved the CRM system to better capture and match “in call” metadata.allowing better customer and agent orientated analysis to be carried out. This has helped the business target over £2m of process improvements over 2014 - 2016.
  • Demonstrated the ability to improve overnight processes via parallelism and asynchronous processing. This has seen some jobs running going from 1 hour to running in 25 % of the time.
  • Improved decoupling, scalability and resilience of systems by introducing Azure Pack Service Bus. This is also improving the SDLC by simplifying logic on the system boundaries.
  • Helped deliver improvements to infrastructure by demonstrating Group Policy which has persuaded the infrastructure teams to adopt it. Recently helped deliver a hardware upgrade that has seen us virtualise all of the CRM platform and reduce manual processes for the team by introducing Octopus Deploy.
04/2010 - 06/2012


Software Engineer, Customer Data

Sole .NET developer in team of 10 to help lead the team from AS/400 into areas of .NET and MSSQL.

  • Produced proof of concept Single Customer View for company newly acquired by the group.Used as a demonstration of where the group AS / 400 based system could be taken.Allowed marketing campaign selections and segmentations to be run within 1 minute instead of 30 minutes.Also allowed campaigns to meet quality and compliance rules of the group.
  • Introduced a process to take a data file from the HM Treasury and scan the group customer systems for people who potentially had financial sanctions against them.During this project, I identified other areas of potential fraud risk to the business and raised them so processes could be put in place.
  • Migrated internal audit processes to the new SCV which saw them move from taking 2 hours to run a days’ worth of data being able to run a months’ worth of data within 8 minutes.
  • Produced logic to carry out sentiment analysis on SMS responses which helped identify implicit “STOP” requests, incorrect phone numbers on customers and issues where SMS process was taking place during unsociable hours.
  • Helped produce integrations between the AS/400 and MS SQL server that saw time savings on some jobs by as much as 8 hours, which allowed them to run within an overnight window.
04/2008 - Ongoing

Hillside Holdings


Non IT role, dealing with finance and purchasing for family business.

01/2006 - 01/2009

Keep Britain Tidy

Consultant (Contract)

Contract Role to support application development and Windows Server Infrastructure.

  • Carried out migration of domain to Active Directory and Exchange 2003 across 4 sites. Provided training on Group Policy, Automated deployment and WSUS. Automated patching approval process through a tool I was allowed to open source.
  • Successfully carried out a recovery exercise on Great Plains database where backup had been failing for 2 months and data from 3 years’ prior had been deleted. Developed process to merge the data into a copy of the live database from the last backup.
07/2005 - 09/2005


Web Developer (Contract)

Short term contract to add multilingual capabilities to a website and its online shopping system. Worked with ASP.NET (VB), SQL Server 2000, IIS6.

07/2005 - 07/2004

Keep Britain Tidy

Database and Web Developer (Contract)

Contract Role primarily for migration of database backed websites from MS Access to SQL Server.

  • Planned migration of domain to Active Directory and Exchange 2003 across 4 sites.
  • Acted as Web Manager for company during transitional period 08/2004 – 11/2004, representing the company to DEFRA and ODPM.
  • Migrated portfolio of websites from MS Access to SQL Server.
  • Represented company for dealings with other suppliers and contractors to ensure other projects were meeting the needs of the business.
  • Quantified migration from paying for dedicated hosting in MANOC to installing fibre on premise. Project broke even within 3 months and was expanded to facilitate a DR site.
07/2003 - 09/2003

Brook Street


Non IT role.

10/2002 - 07/2003

Ideas And Concepts

Database and Web Developer

Developing web and database solutions for Ideas And Concepts projects. Providing support for technical issues, and configuration of the office network.

04/2001 - 07/2002


Junior Developer

Developing software solutions for clients. Day-to-Day running of the local network, providing support to colleagues and clients in the office and on client sites. I also configured systems for demonstrations of products to clients. Also provided support and training on usage of Office applications to other members of staff. Visited client sites and product launch events to provide support, liaise with potential customers and/ or develop solutions.


Open University

05/2016 - 10/2020

MSc Computer Science

University Of Salford

09/2006 - 03/2008

Certificate Of Higher Education Software Engineering

Canterbury College

09/1999 - 07/2001

BTEC ND Computer Studies



  • Azure ServiceBus : 6 Years
  • C# : 17 Years
  • Entity Framework : 11 Years
  • HTML : 20 Years
  • IIS : 20 Years
  • SQL : 20 Years
  • ReactiveUI : 8 Years
  • Text Transforms : 17 Years
  • Web API : 8 Years
  • WCF : 11 Years
  • XML : 20 Years
  • VB.NET : 17 Years


  • Active Directory : 17 Years
  • Group Policy : 17 Years
  • Octopus Deploy : 6 Years
  • Oracle : 8 Years
  • Roslyn : 6 Years


  • Javascript : 17 Years
  • JQuery : 8 Years
  • KnockoutJS : 6 Years
  • C++ : 8 Years
  • SSIS : 11 Years
  • SSRS : 11 Years
  • Powershell : 11 Years


  • Avaya CMS : 7 Years
  • Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing : 7 Years
  • Genesys SpeechMiner : 7 Years
  • Java : 2 Years
  • PKCS#11 : 3 Years
  • Qfiniti : 7 Years
  • SSAS : 11 Years
  • Smart Communications : 4 Years
  • Thunderhead ONE : 6 Years


  • Machine Learning : 1 Year
  • RPGLE : 6 Months